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E1400 JBT wheel balancerJBT logo smallWheel balancer


JBTE1400 ‘HandSpin’ Wheel Balancer

The E1400 is a compact, reliable, but simple wheel balancer for mobile operators or workshops where space is at a premium.

Operating from either 12v or 240v, and offering a number of alloy weight position modes, the E1400 provides an unbeatable level of quality for the price.

E1500 James Boon Technologies wheel balancerWheel balancer


JBTE1500 Motorised Wheel Balancer

The E1500 is a simple yet very capable motorised wheel balancer.

Designed for use in any environment, the E1500 delivers a low price through offering a ‘no frills’ specification, not by compromising on quality.

Italian-designed, the E1500 boasts a European specification, such as heavy duty 40mm balancing assembly.