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James Boon TechnologiesNovember 2014

JBT brand is launched!

Up until now, low priced equipment has always been associated with poor quality products manufactured in China and designed predominantly for the US market.

This means customers have had to work with machines that were never really designed for European rims and tyres, and consequently let them down, invariably with a poor back-up as well.

JBT has been created with a different philosophy. JBT is a private-owned label from Hofmann Megaplan (UK) Ltd, and the more cost-conscious pricing is achieved through removing luxury features or 'frills', as opposed to through cutting corners on build quality.

So, for example, provided you are happy with a balancer that will balance wheels accurately, using an Italian-designed vibratory system and heavy duty construction, but are also happy to forgo features such as automatic data input, laser weight-placement etc, then this is the product for you. Building a product and confessing it won't last long, but justifying that because it is cheap, is not a policy we agree with. With JBT you still receive quality and a back-up support that is proven.